Viana é amor – Viana is love

Bem-vindos a Viana!


Antonio & Celeste Da Costa from a small village in Northern Portugal, were inspired by the idea of crossing the ocean to create a better life for themselves and their children. They immigrated to Canada in 1978 and settled in Lasalle borough in the early 1980s.

In 1984 their son, Carlos Costa began working at one of Montreal’s finest landmarks, Jano Grillades. He worked there for close to 30 years and acquired deeply rooted knowledge of Portuguese cuisine.

Carlos and his son Fabio shared a passion for hard work and the food service industry. Along with the help and support of his wife Ines and daughter Vanessa, they decided as a family that they would embark on a passion project which would allow them to fulfill a lifelong dream.

As proud Luso-Canadians, Fabio and Vanessa were inspired by their father’s hometown Viana do Castelo, where they vacationed every summer. Viana is an homage to their heritage, and a place where they are able to share and multiply the love they have for their culture.


The Da Costa Family